Pre Valentine Heartbreaker

Absentmindedly, I drew a heart on my son’s snack sack for school last Friday. I must have been thinking about Valentine’s Day and how much I love him. It just happened. Below his name, I made a big heart with a silly cupid’s arrow straight through the middle.

A few minutes later, he saw the sack and gave me a look of sheer horror.

“No, no, no, no, no, Mom,” he pleaded. “I can’t have a heart on my sack.”

I immediately saw the error of my ways and tried to remedy the situation.

“I’m sorry sweetheart (poor choice of timing for the endearing name), I just thought with Valentine’s Day coming up….” The roll of his eyes silenced my justification.

“Its way too embarrassing, Mom. Get me another sack.”

Ouch. My little boy is a few weeks shy of six. And, it’s not cool for Momma to draw little pictures on his lunch sack anymore. What’s next?!??!

I’ll share with you my attempt to save the sack and send him to school with an appropriately cool snack.

Yes. That is a snowman with an arrow piercing his head.

“Thanks, Mom. Cool.”

My heart feels like that snowman’s head.


amamgets said...

Next time DO add the red blood pooling on the ground-- you'll get extra hugs!!!

I love that boy.

Mia said...

Those little boys will break a momma's heart!

Jenny said...

oh no! they grow up soooo fast.

ramonasmom said...