Back In the Saddle Again

It’s um, er, well, uh...it’s been a while. Since Christmas Worthy Potatoes to be exact. Geez that seems like a lifetime ago. Suffice it to say things around The Schell Cafe have been a tad crazed. To avoid the risk of sounding like a country western song gone worse, I’ll spare you the long version and catch you up with a more blog friendly synopsis of the drama.

Pregnant. Five!??! Blessed. Christmas. Wonderful. New Year’s Eve. Flu. 10th Wedding Anniversary @ Four Seasons. Bliss. Miscarriage. Devastated. D&C. Horrible. Husband fishing in Argentina. Whatever. Vasectomy. Pissed. Pack 2/3 of house for storage. Argh. Pack rest of house. Argh. Move. Argh. Land in rent house. Sigh. Demolish house. Disconcerting. Displaced. Chair pre-school book fair. Dumb. Celebrate littlest middlest’s fifth birthday. Joy. Welcome baby girl niece. Divine. Start 12 week fitness boot-camp. Crazy. Acknowledge 40th birthday is in less than 6 months. Hmmm....

Now, aren’t you glad you wandered back into the Schell Cafe?!?! Not bad for the first six weeks of 2008, huh? The good news is while I was jogging this morning I decided it was time to dust off the old blog. Given that I know where the computer is again I really have no excuse. OK. So I didn’t really lose the computer, but the printer is still AWOL.

There are two clues in the first three paragraphs that might pique your interest and perhaps give you some insight into some changes that may or may not take place here at The Schell Cafe. The first is the admission that I’ve started a 12 week fitness boot-camp. The other? Come on. For those of you who know me certainly the ‘while I was jogging...’ comment slowed you down. WTF? I’m not a jogger I’m a foodie blogger, right???

Apparently now I’m going to have to be both. In all the madness and hormonal tsunami of the last few weeks I came to the conclusion that if I wasn’t going to have a baby for my 40th birthday I wanted to look hot as shit. (Forgive the language Mom). Nothing like extremes, huh? Saying good-bye to my child bearing years is a tough one for me and so I decided I could either look frumpy and almost pregnant on my 40th birthday OR I could look smokin’ hot and have people marvel at the fact that I’m 40 with FOUR children. A nice fantasy, huh?

Because Husband is the wonderful man that he is (despite the vasectomy) he agreed to give me my 40th birthday present early. A 12 week boot-camp with David King Fitness. I’m a couple weeks into the program and I have to say it’s beyond life changing. You’ll be hearing more about it over the next 10 weeksor so, but essentially it’s a nutrition and workout program designed to duh, make you look and feel better. I have a long way to go, but I’m excited and filled with hope about the me I might be when I turn 40!

Enough dribble for today. Now you are all caught up. Stay tuned for healthy recipes -- YES! I’m still cooking, and fun around the Schell Cafe.

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