A Manly Meal

Cheesy title, I know. But it started out as A Meal for My Man which sounded too Tammy Wynette for me. The point is I’m making a Husband pleasing supper tonight.

I’ve been a tad distracted with the start of school and the never-ending-house-renovation project. Though he’d never say so, I know Husband feels neglected by my diverted attention. So the dinner is a peace offering of sorts. A way to thank him for being uber-Hubs and working hard for me and the children. Well, now I just sound like June Cleaver. I think I’ll shut up and cook.

The recipe came to me via Mom’s BFF. Earlier in the summer I offered to take dinner to our good friends whose father was ill. As a rule I never take a meal to a family without testing the recipe first. But this steak sounded so delicious I had to make it right then and there. I’ve made it a half dozen times this summer and it’s worth sharing.

Coffee Steak Rub***

1/2 cup ground coffee (I used a dark roast from Costa Rica)
1/2 cup coarse black pepper
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup salt

I make this in a baggie and keep it in the fridge. I’ve tried a few variations, but it’s best to keep it simple. I do cut back on the pepper some and I like a sprinkle (no more than a tsp) of cinnamon.

I’ve tried a couple cuts of meat and have been having a lucky streak with rib-eye. Coat the steak liberally with the mix and let the steak sit for a few minutes. The steak will begin to sweat and really absorb these surprising flavors. Toss the steak on the grill and enjoy! I know Husband will.

*** I just made this recipe title up and it’s a little boring. What do you think we should name it??? Send me your suggestions and I’ll pick the best. The winner will get free Costa Rican ground coffee to try out the recipe!

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