December 28, 2005

As luck would have it, the day I decide to keep a cooking journal (of sorts), I sliced through my left ring finger with the Wusthof knife I got for Christmas. Sadly, I cannot type….gladly, however, I did muddle through the recipes I am trying for this evening’s meal. In addition to the incredibly sharp Japanese-style knife, husband gave me two beautiful cookbooks: Every Night Italian and Barefoot in Paris.

Tonight’s menu comes from these new inspirations: Sea Bass in a Leek & Red Bell Pepper Sauce and a Vegetable Tian. Despite the unfortunate injury (ouch!), the smells of the rosemary infused veggies roasting and the raw leeks waiting for their hot bath in EVOO, a successful, if still painful, dining experience awaits.

The Daily Dish: A tian is actually a red clay pot indigenous to rural southern France. Hence, the name of the dish is the dish!


amamgets said...

Okay, so here's the thing: when slicing veggies you MOVE the FINGERS...

saucymomma said...

See, the thing is I'm self taught so I really need this kind of advice. Amen for blogging friends and their pearls of wisdom.

Keep it comin'.