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Husband was on the west coast all week. I hate it when he’s out of town. If there is a flipside it’s that the children know they get pizza for dinner and I usually don’t cook. Other than that, after a night or two it’s just not much fun being out-numbered by the littles alone.

One of husband’s favorite meals is spaghetti and meat sauce. I don’t actually follow a recipe when I make the sauce because I tend to use whatever I have handy. This proves to be problematic because sometimes the sauce is really good. And sometimes it’s just ok. So, it’s a bit of a game now I play with myself to try to make the best sauce ever. And, when I get the ‘Ahhh, now that’s a good sauce’ comment from husband I swear I’m going to write down every last ingredient so I can duplicate it over and over.

Tonight I used lean ground beef, ground pork, zucchini, onion, baby bellas, red bell pepper and some herbs. And of course some whole, peeled tomatoes and some crushed ones too. I didn’t bother to write it down, so the contest to create the best damned sauce continues. We are now our own worst critics.

Also, husband's flavor may have been tainted by the news he received from his annual physical today. The dreaded cholesterol is high. Under normal circumstances I don’t think there would be cause for panic, but husband comes from a long and wide history of serious heart disease and it scares us both.

So, expect to see lots of fish recipes gracing these pages in the near future. We both will benefit tremendously by healthier cuisine. Although it will mean I need to start reading some new cookbooks!

P.S. It isn't the time to post how yummy the Ricotta Drop Cookies are I baked today. I whipped them up this morning from the Cookies Unlimited Cookbook if you feel the urge to try them for yourself.

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amamgets said...

I LOVE spaghetti w/meat sauce... any leftovers?