Saturday Night Fever

I might have a fever or maybe just a general malaise. Thank goodness it was a lazy Saturday. For the first time in months, we had nothing on our calendar. I actually read a book for most of the afternoon. Reading is usually an indulgence saved for the final moments of the day. I felt extra sinful camped out in bed with my latest read.

I contemplated not cooking tonight. Despite the fact that I had everything prepped and ready to go, I just didn’t know if I could put my book down and wander downstairs with enough enthusiasm to make it happen. I sent the girls to tell their Daddy that I didn’t want to make dinner. Our nearly three-year-old daughter came back with a clear (enough) message from her father ‘him say we not want to wapste de sammon fishes, mamma!’

OK. OK. I’ll make dinner. But, I’m not going to clean the leeks. Or cook them either. I’ll make couscous instead. So there. Glad I proved that point.

Once I got to the kitchen I was really glad to be there. I briefly related to my children as they moan and groan on certain mornings about not wanting to go to school. Remind me to ask what’s not to like about pre-school? On such mornings everything is uphill. Clothing choices. Hair accessories. Lunch options. It’s all just bad. Miraculously, once at school they dart from my sight lost in the excitement and joy of being where they dreaded going. This is exactly where I found myself tonight.

Gratefully, I made the raspberry vinaigrette this morning as well as the lemon, garlic, coriander and fish stock marinade for the salmon. After the fish bathed in the juices for 20 minutes, it required only 15 minutes more in the oven and voila, dinner was ready. I tossed some greens, toasted almond slices and gorgonzola with the vinaigrette and fluffed the couscous with peas. The children took turns ringing the dinner bell and after saying grace, we ended our day with a simple meal. Once we got there it was wonderful.

Now I’m going back to my book.

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amamgets said...

I want to come be a child at your house.

We're watching a movie called 'Saving Face', about a group of Chinese families in NYC. Two of the characters, who gorgeous, accomplished young women, are in love. The 48 year old mother of one of them is pregnant (no husband), banned from the family home, and living w/her surgeon daughter. We are enjoying it bigtime.

Anyway, I brought it up because they keep eating Chinese food in the movie, and you are blogging about all these yummy things, and I truly hate Weight Watchers right now. (Notice how I refrained from dropping the F-bomb, in case the mama is reading the blog).